Wat-er issue

Its the month of March 2021. Spring is in bloom as the Sun shines beautifully each morning and the skies are clear Blue. I have been busy rapidly planting a variety of flowers and herbs. Meanwhile the town is bustling with tourist while yes there are some reports of Covid rising in Mumbai & Delhi but nothing much to worry about it seemed.

The air is fresh and you wonder what could go wrong. Well one morning we discovered there wasn’t any water in the pipes.

For our household supply we have a ten thousand litre overhead tank directly connected to the Municipal supply. And for back up another ten thousand litre tank which is an underground tank. In emergency we use a motor to pump water from below to the overhead tank and feed the house.

This was an emergency as all taps were dry, so the motor was quickly switched on to topup the main tank.

But the question remained, why was there a disruption? Was there some issue with the pumping station at the reservoir or was there a leak in one of the Municipal pipes through the woods leading to our house?

I called the Water Inspector and he promptly asked me to check with the Supervisor. The Supervisor didn’t take my call but dropped by in the evening.

The conversation was typical. I asked in English and he replied in Tamil. It seemed a bridge too far but the water broke rather the reasoning splashed on my face.

Well the Town was brimming full with tourist and the hotels needed more water. So the water was being diverted and hence the ‘pressure’ at it which it was released to our house was low. 

Simply put water pressure wouldn’t climb up 15 feet to reach the main tank. But at lower pressure it would trickle continually and fill the emergency underground tank. All I had to do was keep pumping water each day via the motor to the overhead main tank.

Well there wasn’t anything i could do but accept.

This bought one immediate change in the daily routine. There were patches of herbs, vegetables and young flowers to water. 

I had one remedy. Our house had four large drums filled with rainwater, something which we never actually used. Well now maybe I could fill the water canister and manually water the patches.

This looked simple in design but was quite an hourly exercise carrying a heavy water canister over a topsy-turvy hilly gradient. 

And so for a couple of weeks this daily watering workout continued. Usually ending with lying under my favourite fruit tree sipping a hot cuppa Ginger tea.

One morning as I sat sipping I wondered what would provide some relief, perhaps the April rains would arrive earlier ?

But the April showers were beaten by another developing phenomenon. Covid was ravaging the Metro cities and it seemed imminent that trouble would arrive in our little town soon.

And so it happened, the Administration took action and one immediate casualty was tourist traffic. The Town went eerily quiet. The boating in Ooty lake stopped.

The next morning while I was recuperating with my ginger tea I heard one of the sweetest sounds. Water ! It was gushing gleefully in the main overhead tank. Finally the ‘pressure’ was back on.

Now no more lugging the heavy canister. I could use the garden hose pipe. 

But loh I was in for more joy. A few days later the April Mango showers arrived in full glory. From now the herb – vegetable patches and the flowers would be nurtured by Nature. 

The water issue was a non issue.

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