Last week at noon time the normal activities were in motion. We were closeted in our respective rooms hunched over our screens.

Occasionally I would look out to soak the greenery. A car happened to pass on the road outside and Chocolate gave a furious chase from our side of the fence. Interestingly another object was tailing Chocolate and barking along.

Well maybe Chocolate has got her friend over I thought. This had happened a couple of times in the past few months. But unlike earlier pals this one seemed a lot smaller in size.

Stepping out to check I was in for a surprise. It was a Pup.

Each morning post breakfast Chocolate would head out in the woods or to the nearby village, maybe this time she discovered a Pup and tagged it back. Well we had neutered Chocolate long back and maybe she decided to take matters in her own hands. Hmm.

Around this time Ayaan walked out of his room after his online class. “Wow, a Pup?” And in a second the Pup was in his hand which delighted both of them.

In the last two years Chocolate had grown in size and had developed her independent views. For Ayaan as he lifted and tickled the Pup it was joy unmatched. A memory reclaimed.

Meanwhile Sim got some food and the Pup gobbled it in record time.It was seeming to me that perhaps the Pup was going nowhere. It wanted a home, love and food. And Ayaan was soaking the raptures.

In between madame Chocolate trooped back to a bewildering scenario. She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Sure she had got the Pup home to play and all that, but watching the Pup being cuddled by Ayaan and feeding from her bowl was agony magnified. 

She growled, she snarled, she wrestled. But the pugnacious Pup was least perturbed. A punch from Chocolate was duly returned back though in smaller measure.

Gradually as the day passed Chocolate and the Pup got into a typical relationship. One minute they would play and the next squabble then play again. They even found time to wrestle and damage the coriander patch 😦

We were now faced with a big choice. Do we go to the village and inquire or do we keen the Pup at home?

And sometimes life forces take things in their own hands. The next two days it poured and there was no way I was taking the Pup out to the village to investigate.

Simultaneously the Pup was adjusting happily at home and changing a few routines.

Chocolate who would sleep in the living room shifted with Pup in the store room. Which was great for us as it ensured a quiet night for us all.

Then Ayaan asked the obvious question, “We need a name for the Pup right?”
Maybe Chocolate needed a pal so how about Buddy. A for Ayaan, B for Buddy and C for Chocolate”.
“Yes, I like it” and he put his seal of approval.


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